Rules & Safety

As with any neighbourhood, there are rules we need to follow to keep the vibes high and the good times rolling.

We’ve got you covered with guidelines and regulations that will ensure everyone has an epic time.

Stay tuned for all the info on our festival rules – your safety is our top priority!

Firstly, no U18’s will be allowed access to Hey Neighbour.
If you look young, please bring your ID documentation with for validation – the right of admission applies and if you cannot prove you are over the age of 18, we will not allow you into the festival, even if you are holding a valid festival ticket. And sadly, no refunds can be issued if this happens.

Please don’t take any chances by trying to bring in prohibited items. These lists are in place for your safety and security. Security will be enforcing this at the festival entrance.

No external food or beverages will be allowed into the festival. We are happy for you to bring a water bottle to keep hydrated throughout the day – super important – but this will have to be empty on arrival. Bags will be checked on arrival… we will also be checking that your water bottles are empty. If you arrive with liquid in your water bottle, you will need to empty it before being allowed access to the festival.

Only good vibes are welcome at Hey Neighbour. We are an all-inclusive festival and want to ensure that everyone attending has the best time ever. Any unruly behaviour, or behaviour that we feel is a risk to other festival goers will be addressed on a case-by-case situation and can result in you being removed from the festival…. and you guessed it, no tickets will be refunded in this kind of a situation.

At Hey Neighbour, safety and security are big on our check list. While we will have security onsite making sure that the venue is as safe as possible, it is also up to you to ensure that you are responsible with yourselves and your valuables. Hey man, if you don’t need your diamond ring with you for the festival, we encourage you to rather leave it at home so all you worry about for the weekend is having a great time!

Medical tents are located around the festival and are easily accessible and visible. If for any reason you feel unwell, please make your way to any one of the medical tents for help. If you see anyone at the festival who looks like they need assistance, please do the neighbourly thing and help.

As you can imagine, it takes a lot to make sure a festival runs smoothly… and a lot of people. The Hey Neighbour staff and volunteers are there to make sure that the festival runs smoothly as well as make sure you have the best time ever. If one of them asks you to do something, we ask that you be neighbourly and help. We are all in this together to have a great time and a little goes a long way.

Please stay hydrated! The African December sun can be fierce so please wear your suntan lotion, shades or hat… and, we cannot stress it enough, please keep yourself hydrated. We will ensure that there is shade around the festival for you to kick back and relax to the max as well as water stations to fill up your water bottles.

When energies are high and the excitement is real, we can sometimes lose our heads… we ask that you please exercise common sense and do not take any unnecessary risks that can affect you or those around you. We are all neighbours and friends – let’s keep that vibe going for the weekend and have a great time!!

In the event of an emergency, our security and safety personnel are onsite to give direction and steer you away from the danger. Please listen to their instruction – they are there to help keep you safe.